Sunday, January 15, 2012

wow its been like forever...

I cant believe my last post was back in 09..that makes me sad to think that life with diabetes is now my normal.. its hard to remember life without diabetes in some way rearing its ugly head..having it always on my mind even when I dont think its there. Samantha now is 12 years old, she was dxd 9 days after her 8th birthday Aug 25th funny how we never forget that date, the date that changes your whole life and the life of not only your child's but family and friends too.

Having a girl with diabetes and one that has now entered puberty is a whole new set of rules...did I say rules, what was I thinking diabetes has no rules. Just when I thought I had things pretty set, things change and just when you almost get use to those changes it changes days to weeks of very high numbers correcting over and over again changing setting in the pump testing every two hours sometimes every hour, to only still see high numbers...then out of the blue we have low after low to where you have to force her to eat...and believe me getting a sleeping child to eat in their sleep is NOT easy! As bad as this may sound I will take the highs over the lows anyday.

We went back to using the CGM after a 6 month break ( new insurance company = new battle to get it approved again) I love the CGM I dont think Samantha does..the poor kid is a walking alarm I just cant understand how she can tune it out like she does..she walks pass me buzzing all the time.."Sam your buzzing" "Sam cant you hear that" "Sam????" these are my daily comments to her. The CGM is like a love hate relationship here..I love I mean love seeing trends but with puberty trends dont mean anything, I love getting alarms when she is dropping but I hate when she is dropping since she cant drop a little at a time you get to see a nice nose dive graph on the screen only to have a stubborn low that I have to treat time and time again then to have the CGM alarm that she is now high...sigh such is life now. The highs seem to be easy to fix TG for something easy!

Next week she will be starting Volleyball oh joy something new to add to the mix.. they will be having practice everyday after school so that means time to make changes in her pump so we dont get lows..and pray that the lows if she gets them are during the day and not night. wish us luck!

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