Tuesday, March 24, 2009

well did started it

Last week Thursday she started using the CGMS so far I dont know if I really like it or not. I know everyone tells me it takes time, that there is a learning curve ect. We are now into day 6 and its not been fun!!! I'm beginning to wonder why I wanted this for her?? I still haven't had a day that its been on track with her BG I have had a few hours in a day it may be close..I have a hard time calibrating her since she runs some wild numbers at times or she wants to eat and not wait that 15 or so mins so I can calibrate the sensor..or like last night I did 3 calibrations but forgot that you have to do one at least every 12 hours so of course I got alarms, and I got one for a high the CGMS had her at 175 but her meter was almost 400 that was at 2am my normal time I check her at night by 3 the cgms caught the high..sigh so I was up again for that one, then I did a calibrations error at 3 when that high alarm went off then I forgot my 12 hours calibration..
I guess I'm at the what was I thinking point when it comes to the CGMS...please tell me it gets better....
trying to take care of the kids and Sam is hard when going on little to no sleep...funny I thought the CGMS was suppose to help us get a little more sleep...lol

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