Tuesday, March 24, 2009

well did started it

Last week Thursday she started using the CGMS so far I dont know if I really like it or not. I know everyone tells me it takes time, that there is a learning curve ect. We are now into day 6 and its not been fun!!! I'm beginning to wonder why I wanted this for her?? I still haven't had a day that its been on track with her BG I have had a few hours in a day it may be close..I have a hard time calibrating her since she runs some wild numbers at times or she wants to eat and not wait that 15 or so mins so I can calibrate the sensor..or like last night I did 3 calibrations but forgot that you have to do one at least every 12 hours so of course I got alarms, and I got one for a high the CGMS had her at 175 but her meter was almost 400 that was at 2am my normal time I check her at night by 3 the cgms caught the high..sigh so I was up again for that one, then I did a calibrations error at 3 when that high alarm went off then I forgot my 12 hours calibration..
I guess I'm at the what was I thinking point when it comes to the CGMS...please tell me it gets better....
trying to take care of the kids and Sam is hard when going on little to no sleep...funny I thought the CGMS was suppose to help us get a little more sleep...lol

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thinking out loud

Samantha has now been on the pump for almost a year and in that years time things have ran pretty smoothly. I fax in her log sheets every few weeks and only a handful of times has the nurse called to have me make a slight change in her basals..Now for the pass month she has been sick on and off and her numbers have been rather on the high side like 300 and 400's no real pattern till just 4 days ago I noticed that her 4pm numbers have been high where the rest of the day is pretty good unless we make a mistake in carb counting or she get a snack at school that was right after her lunch ( for some reason it doesnt come down as nicely) So after reading some post on my favorite web site Childrens with diabetes I figure its time I get brave and start to make a few changes..so I did my first basal increase today I was cautious and did one for 3pm today I put in another basal for 3pm..now my question is the school only test her at 12:30 and 3:00pm and I see the 3:00 number is higher then I like but do I change it for 3 or try 2:30??? how long before if at a certain time do you make a basal??? I think maybe today I should go back to every 2 hour testing instead for meals and when she is not feeling right...I still do the 2am testing maybe I should try for a midnight 2am and maybe 5am... I have my safety net knowing that tomorrow I fax the nurse....I hate always second guessing myself but that seems to be all I do with diabetes and its control :O(
only 11 more days till we have the cgms training :O) I hope that helps