Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ugggg I feel like such a mean mommy

Today was the first day since she was diagnosed that I had to tell her no because of her Diabetes :O( I soooo hated doing that..its just so unfair. Samantha lately has been having a lot of lows I blame it on those darn puberty hormones. Sleep seems to be a thing of the pass for me lately..I hear her CMG even when its not alarming these days I swear even when she is at school I think I hear it... dont get me wrong I love that thing, its just lately its been going off A LOT and her lows seems to take so much more to bring back up.. Just the other night when she went to bed she was at 10pm she was 180 by midnight the CMG was alarming...I get up test her and yep she was 89 with two arrows going I make her drink some juice give her a peanut butter cracker all in all I gave her 20 carbs. By 2:30 off goes her alarm again this time she is I go to look for something else to make her eat in her sleep..this time I gave her more juice, 4 peanut butter crackers. Just as I was getting ready to check her 30 mins later what do I hear but that lovely sound of her CMG going off again this time she is 72 with only one arrow going down,,an improvement not much but better :/ this time I give her 2 peanut butter wafers these things are 17 carbs each..I know I way over carbed her but lack of sleep and her not going up can make you try I recheck her 30 mins later she is 234 I would have thought she would of been in the high 300's after all that but 234..ok I think I'll take that and went back to bed for a little sleep ( I had to be up by 6am for a wrestling tournament for my 5:30 wouldnt you know it Sam is buzzing again...sigh this poor kid is getting sooooo very good at eating in her sleep and me Im getting good at not sleeping and when I do I'm dreaming of hearing at 5:30 she was 71...I swear I cant stand how diabetes doesnt play the game fair..we check, check and recheck...we treat and treat then retreat and still it messes with today for the first time since we entered the world of diabetes I had to tell my sweet girl NO she couldnt do something just because of her diabetes...that was like putting a knife in my heart

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