Tuesday, February 24, 2009

we have been approved!!!!!

we have been approved for the CGMS Last July I tried for one but found it to be an up hill battle so I gave up, that was till this Jan and Samantha started having a few unaware lows...so I picked up where I left off. I got my Dr to write a letter, sent in all my bg logs, sent in anything and everything I could think of..yesterday I sent in the last letter ( the one from her Dr) and me being the way I am I cant seem to wait for anything...lol so I called my insurance company to find out if there was anyting missing and the rep told me as of yesterday you no longer need a preauth..that I can just go ahead and order it I'm still in shock.. I called minimed to order it today but my rep is out of the office already so now I have to wait till tomorrowI still cant believe this...I was gearing up for a battle too...lol

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