Friday, January 23, 2009

It can be confusing???

Samantha now has been running Trace Ketones now for 3 days, this is a now one on me since she has been a Diabetic she hasn't had Ketones other then in the hospital. Her BG is up and down all over the place in fact. She isnt running a fever ..I had to rule that one out since its winter and it seems that everyone I talk to they have or had the flu. She is eating and drinking not feeling sick in fact she tells me she feels WHY the Ketone????? I talked to the nurse at the Dr's office and she told me to just keep an eye on her give her lots to drink and check her ketones and BG often..ok I m doing that have been since she has been diagnosed. I m just so confused here, the poor girl is running to the bathroom all the time since I m making her drink water all the
Today I will fax her log sheet for this week and see if the Dr has anything to say, I was told they will not make corrections while she is spilling ketones or if they think she is ill, but they just want to see her numbers anyways.
From having this nice experience and with the 4 lows the first part of this month hypos to where she didnt even know she was having one..yay a nice 47 which for her is very very low she usually doesnt feel good when she hits 85. So I am a bit uneasy and I now even more want to get her the CGMS my insurance will cover it IF they think its medically for that big question what to THEY think is necessary??? The rep at Minimed seems to think we have a good chance in getting the system and that was before the nice week of Ketones..keeping my fingers crossed and doing lots of praying it will all work out

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